Javascript, Stylus/SASS, React View on Github
  • Incorporated new backend endpoints, combined with collaborative UI/UX work with a UX designer, to add features to Blazar, a module-centric build system
  • Drastically improved the UI overall using modern UX techniques
  • Significantly reduced page load times and app responsiveness

Living With Loss

Javascript, SASS, React, Sketch
  • Oversaw development of a single-page application for a new program at Wediko
  • Designed endpoints for a staff portal to query for patient submissions and traffic statistics, and implemented those endpoints in a React/Redux application
  • Oversaw general design for the application, and made/revised UX mockups of the staff portal

Unisons Website

SquareSpace, CSS, Paint.NET See live website
  • Redesigned The Northeastern Unison's website to reflect our recent rebranding
  • Created within the limitations of SquareSpace templates