It's really easy to throw out a cliché about making mistakes. but a cliché doesn't do these situations justice.

Mistakes are as painful as they are necessary. You can't hope to grow yourself without taking risks and making mistakes. So often, you'll find yourself hurt in the process, looking back and wishing that you never had been so careless or ignorant. Sometimes, you'll hurt someone else with your mistakes. They'll wonder how you could have been so careless too.

But, conveniently, people love to skip over the pain of a mistake and jump straight to the lessons learned. It's important to be honest and realize that these mistakes are ever hard to move on from and actually find the lesson to improve upon. It's okay to be upset. It's okay to sometimes never learn that lesson, because sometimes there isn't a lesson to be learned. It's okay to have your mistakes stick with you for a long time...so long as you're never living in the past.

We compare pre-mistake and post-mistake as the best and worst of times, respectively. The comparison leads us to view this past as the ideal, and as something we never should have strayed from. Sadly, we need this growth. We need growing pains. We move the whole of humanity forward by fucking up and moving on. We learn that the world isn't perfect, that we aren't perfect, and that the future is unforgiving and frightening. The mistakes that hurt others give them a lesson as well, most of the time.

If we can embody these truths, and know that, sometimes, things won't work out for better, we will grow. We will become stronger and more experienced. We will gain better judgment and have the luxury of looking back on our mistakes to inform our future decisions.

So, to everyone whom I've hurt in my making mistakes, I'm sorry. I hope that you found something to take away from it too. Know that I've grown into a person who won't make the same mistake and hurt someone again, and that a small part of me will always wish he could take it back.

To myself, I forgive you. You didn't know any better. Maybe you should have slowed down. Maybe you should have put a little more thought into your actions. I know that some of these scars don't disappear, and that you are still struggling to move on from some recent misactions. In the end, I'm glad that you still love yourself as the mistake-making man that you are.

Everyone else: let's fuck up and grow together. What's life without risks and danger? Let's recognize ourselves as the flawed, flawed humans that we are. Take the sadness as it comes, and let yourself feel for as long as you need to, so that we can be stronger as we move on to tackling our next obstacle.